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Subterranean Noise on Spotify

Almost every band that I receive promotional material from have their music available on streaming platforms. Spotify is perhaps the most recurring and accessible of them all, and being an avid user myself, I decided to create a playlist where I add one or two tracks from each of the releases I have had the pleasure of writing about.

The number of additions depend on whether I am reviewing a single or an album, as well as the duration of a song. If a band has a ten minute epic added to the list, another band will have two tracks that make up an equal playing time. You get the idea.

This is only meant to be my way of saying thank you to the bands that trust me to consider their music and publish a written verdict, and to try  to help present their music to my readers. Currently the list counts 49 tracks with almost four hours of playing time, and I am very proud to present it.

Subterranean Noise on Spotify

Let it be known, I am not an educated writer, nor is English my native tongue, but I sincerely enjoy listening to new music as well as trying to develop and improve my writing.

I hope you enjoy the variety of bands that have been featured on these humble blog pages. I have very much enjoyed getting to know all of them, and they all seem to have appreciated my work the same way as I appreciate theirs.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to subscribe and share the playlist wherever you like.


Håvard Lunde
Founder and writer
Subterranean Noise - Underground Rock and Metal

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