onsdag 21. august 2019

SINGLE REVIEW: Sonic Rogue - Feel Like FLASH!

SONIC ROGUE (Switzerland)
"Feel Like FLASH!"
Release date: June 7th 2019
Genre: Rock

SONIC ROGUE is another one man project out there, and it's not the first one I've had the pleasure to have a look at thus far on this blog. However, it is my first Swiss acquaintance, and the man behind the project is musician and producer Peer Drube.

Drube formed SONIC ROGUE in 2018, and today's subject for review is his very first self-produced release, entitled "Feel Like FLASH!". Written, composed and recorded in its entirety by Drube himself, with the exception of lead vocals, which were performed by the American singer LeeLoo.

The track is pretty straight forward catchy rock with elements that are more drawn towards the heavier side of rock. The guitar sounds thick, tight and crisp at the same time, and I really like the tone that Drube has dialed in here. In terms of riffs and composition, the song has the catchy simplicity that for example AC/DC has, but with a more fierce energy like that of for example Anthrax.

However, I feel the voice that is chosen to front it all doesn't really sound right at home here. LeeLoo has a great and powerful voice that hits every note perfectly, but it is lacking some of the rawness that the song would need the vocals to convey.

So in conclusion, "Feel Like FLASH!" is a catchy track with a thoroughly positive energy, and despite the feel of a mismatch between voice and musical style, SONIC ROGUE still provides a song with a vibe and energy that surely will cause your foot to start tapping.


Peer Drube - all instruments, composition, arrangement, production
LeeLoo - vocals

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