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ALBUM REVIEW: On The Sun - Solar Savior

"Solar Savior"
(Solar Savior Records)
Release date: June 27th 2019
Genre: Stoner rock, classic rock

Chicago based ON THE SUN is a fairly new four piece group of stoner rockers, formed in 2018, but the basis was founded by Derek Ault (vocals) and guitarist Jay Septoski. After completing the line up with bassist Fred Nettnin and drummer Matt Torossi, the band found the stability they needed to start writing and recording their debut EP.

Inspired by Kyuss and Black Sabbath, the six tracks on "Solar Savior" are well within the fuzzy standards of classic stoner rock, and sound the way Soundgarden probably would do if they played on Sleep's gear.

"On the Sun" is as epic and heavy as stoner rock can be, and "Everyone" is more uptempo, with an opening riff that has a catchy Aerosmithic drive. "Fully Krausened" is the more melodic single choice, and "Paper is the Devil!" has a Ramones/Motorhead like simplicity that turns it into a bit of a highlight for this writer. "Mind Eraser" is dark and fuzzy, and slightly more downbeat than the rest of the tracks. "Narrow Mind" is the sixth and closing track, and features the same drive that "Everyone" had, making it a worthy conclusion to a thoroughly massive debut from ON THE SUN.


1. On the Sun
2. Everyone
3. Fully Krausened
4. Paper is the Devil!
5. Mind Eraser
6. Narrow Mind

Derek Ault - vocals
Fred Nettnin -bass
Jay Septoski -guitar
Matt Torossi - drums and percussion

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