torsdag 18. juli 2019


"Walk Alone"
(Indian River Music Company)
Release date: June 7th 2019
Genre: Alternative metal, progressive metal

Javier Perez is a fine guitarist born and raised in Puerto Rico, but relocated to Orlando, Florida in 2001 to find musicians with whom he could bring life to his music. According to the information in the promo I received, Javier was a founding member of Runnin' Blind, Over The Radar and took part in an early adaptation of Alphæus. All names are unbeknownst to me, but they are of course all significant when it comes to the development of Perez's music.

JP2 is the moniker under which Mr. Perez has released his debut single, which is his first ever solo effort after over 20 years as a musician. "Walk Alone" is a fitting title on what the artist himself describes as "testament to his extensive musical journey".

The track starts of with a dirty riff, seemingly inspired by Rammstein and their "Mein Teil" song, with no further comparison. The verse has a calm feel to it, and Perez has a nice, clean voice that helps put emotion and even more of his personality into the song. Alice In Chains is the immediate reference that comes to mind, and the feeling gets stronger when the vocal harmonies come in.

In my ears at least, the chorus sends my thoughts in the more progressive direction that The Neal Morse Band, Spock's Beard and maybe even Threshold are in. There's an orchestra added to the mix, and even a sitar, just to give it that little extra spike. Brilliant.

"Walk Alone" was written, composed, performed and recorded in its entirety by Perez himself, and it is a very interesting first effort from an equally interesting new aquaintance. Looking forward to hear more!


Javier Perez - all instrumentation, vocals, programming

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